What the Professionals Use to Practice Putting


This is a simple practice system I’ve found that can reduce putting strokes if you use it regularly. It works because it helps you improve distance control and the ability to start your putt on the correct line.

It’s called the Elevated AimLine and it’s an easy to use device that I’ll be selling on my website in a few weeks. You uncoil the elastic cord to whatever length of putt you’d like to practice, from 4 feet to 40 feet. Then you push one of two needles into the green behind your ball, and the other next to the hole. When you stroke your putts, the ball will begin under the cord until the slope affects the break of the putt.

You can work on distance control by using the beads on the cord. Place the two outer beads to an equal distance from the center bead. Position your ball under the middle bead, and use the outer beads as markers to keep your back- and forward-strokes at even lengths.

Here’s a short video of Luke Donald using this putting practice system:


The Elevated AimLine will:

  • Give you a structured routine for your putting practice
  • Condition your eyes to the correct aiming procedure while putting
  • Teach you a consistent set-up routine and stroke
  • Improve your posture
  • Help you reduce the number of putts per round

Available for sale on my website: http://bit.ly/1r3Wgue

— jdhobbins@greensidegolfacademy.com

01. March 2014 by jdhobbins
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