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Tips for the Best Greenside Bunker Play Address Position – Part One

by John D. Hobbins Much of our success in greenside bunker play depends upon how we set up to the ball. Using images of Tom Pernice Jr, I’ll point out how the set-up in the address position can have an effect … Continue reading

25. March 2014 by jdhobbins
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Power Hitters in Baseball and Golf Share a Common Move

Review this video a few times and then work on your Miguel Cabrera power hitting move for the golf swing.  I assure you that you will be pleased with what you see.

10. March 2014 by jdhobbins
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What the Professionals Use to Practice Putting

This is a simple practice system I’ve found that can reduce putting strokes if you use it regularly. It works because it helps you improve distance control and the ability to start your putt on the correct line. It’s called … Continue reading

01. March 2014 by jdhobbins
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